On the classic TV sitcom Seinfeld George was always talking about being bald.   I have thing hair myself but I am not bald —-YET—.  But really if I was I wouldn’t care.  I go with what the good Lord gave me.  Right now that means gray to almost white hair.

One day I looked in the mirror and noticed how gray I was and thought should I color it so I could look younger?   The answer was no I work on the radio, nobody sees me and besides I have the perfect face for radio.

So how did my hair get so gray so fast?  I think it was a serious illness I had in the year 2000.  Not to get into too many details but I wound up having a major surgery in 2002.  It was during that time my hair went from dark to gray.

I know a lot of people color hair, heck some go wild on color, I recently saw a woman with multicolored hair.  I told my wife her head looked like a bowl of rainbow sherbet!

I decided to write this about hair, not because I am vain (well maybe a little). But we had a stupid news story today about a lady freaking out after getting a speeding ticket.  Listen to Stupid News here

And the morning Laff lines was also about being Bald.

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As a bonus for blog readers here is George Carlin and his classic poem about HAIR!