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May 5th 2015

Here is a story I wrote for Cache Valley Dot com about the Inauguration of the President of USU President Noel Cockeet.  I thought I should add a little bit more for this blog.

I was really impressed with the music performed during the concert. You know me I am a Motown and Rock and Roll guy.  But there is something great about hearing great music performed live.  I told my wife that even with today’s technology and great sound systems you still miss out on a little bit of power of live music performed well.

I did not attend Utah State but having lived in Logan for 22 years I am so impressed with the Aggies.  So you will know my wife Teresa works in the Presidents office at USU but I can say that through the years she has worked there with 4 Presidents I have nothing but praise for the administration for USU!

Let me add that at the end of the concert when the theater full of people in suits and dresses stood up to do “The Scottsman”  I just said to myself “THIS IS KOOL”


           The Ellen Eccles Theater was packed last night with Aggies for the Inauguration concert for the 16th President of Utah State University, Noel Cockett.   Ron Jeppsen introduced the evening program which included music by the USU wind Orchestra and the Chamber Singers.

          After a few speeches the new President talked about the history of the Land grant institutions like USU.  She also took the time to thank the previous President Stan Albrect who could not be there and remarked about his leadership and how he was a personal mentor.  She added that she will continue to support the research done at Utah State and strive for inclusion of all people onto campus.

          The finally of the evening came with Drums and Bagpipes performing and the Orchestra and Singers leading those in attendance in doing “The Scotsman”

          A reception was afterwards where the newest Aggie Ice Cream was served.  The Ice Cream with peanut butter ice cream a fudge ribbon and chocolate covered pretzel was named “Inauguration Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch


Here is some of the fun stuff we did this week including STUPID NEWS