How many Super-bowl will feature New England clam chowder or Philly Cheese stakes this Sunday?   Will it be one or the other?  I bet several will have both.   IT’S THE SUPER-BOWL!  You got to have snacks

The Las Vegas review Journal did a poll and here are the results.

Buffalo flavored anything wings, pizza, dips as long as it has Buffalo sauce

Mozzarella sticks

Jalapeño Poppers

Sweet and sour meatballs


Deviled eggs

Hamburger sliders

Chips and dip

Bacon wrapped sausages (MMMMM BACON)


No matter what team you are rooting for or if you are rooting for the commercials, you gotta root for the snacks.  Even if you don’t watch the game ROOT FOR THE SNACKS!

Over the years, I have tried many different Super bowl Snacks and here are some of my favorites.

Jambalaya:  For several years I would go to a friend’s house in St. Louis to watch the game and have a party and every year I would cook the Jambalaya.   One year a friend who really didn’t eat a lot of spicy food ate  a lot of  Jambalaya and called me the next day and said he missed work because the spice didn’t sit well and he had a bad case of  don’t get to far away from the toilet ittest.    That same year two of the ladies who were at the party but not big fans of football talking over the big pan of Jambalaya with forks in hand eating right out of the pan!

Bransuager and Ritz crackers; Braunsuager is a sausage made of liver and the only way I eat it is sitting on a Ritz!

But this year might be my favorite year.  The plan is to have Ribs!  Not just any ribs but Corky’s ribs from Memphis TN.  Every year for Christmas my sister Judy sends Corky’s packed in Dry Ice!  We ate the Beans the Pulled pork and Pecan Pie and were planning on New Year’s to break out the ribs. However the Flu Hit and we delayed but good for us RIBS on  Super bowl Sunday !

So the game is Sunday the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Should be fun whomever you will root for me I root for the snacks?


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