When it comes to your car there are two types of people.

Type number 1 is the person who keeps the car inside and out clean, I mean it still has that new car smell to it and the car is 15 years old.


I admit it I hate cleaning my car.  The inside is the worse! At least you can fill up your car and then type in a code and go through the car wash but the inside now that is a different story.  To clean the inside windshield you must have small hands and be very limber.  Neither of which I am.  So you buy one of those gadgets that cleans the inside pretty good then you put it where you can find it next time.  Yeah right, when was the last time you put something away so you would know where it was the next time you needed it?

But cleaning the inside of the car can be fun too!  It is kind of like a treasure hunt (Take that Oak Island) you start digging and you could find some money a lost pen or the best treasure ever! A dried out petrified French fry.

A few years back I decided I needed to clean my car and boy did I get into it.  That car was washed waxed, vacuumed everything in that car looked great.  I was bushed!  So as a reward I went to a fast food place for a little well fast food.  I only lived a few blocks from there but on the way home SPLAT!  The chocolate milk shake tipped and I said lots of bad words!

Maybe that is why I hate to clean my car!

This morning I did come across some tips that might make my next car cleaning easier. (From Tip Hero)


  1. Clean all the nooks in your car’s upholstery using a flat-head screwdriver and a rag.  Wrap the rag around the end of the screwdriver, and use it to clean out any dirt and grime stuck in there.  Just be gentle.  It can rip the vinyl, even with the rag on there.
  2. Use a small, foam paintbrush and a can of compressed air to clean your vents.  Use the brush first, then blast the vents with some air to finish them off.
  3. Clean your grill with dryer sheets instead of a rag.  It makes it a little easier to get all the dead bugs off.  And it won’t scratch the paint.
  4. Clean leather seats with Woolite.  Spray them with one part Woolite, 10 parts water, and wipe them down or use a toothbrush.  With cloth seats, just use carpet cleaner.
  5. Clean your headlights with toothpaste.  Make sure you use the kind with baking soda in it.  They might not look brand new, but it works better than just soap and water.
  6. Clean your windshield wipers, and use rubbing alcohol to keep them clean.  A lot of people replace them before they really need to.  Just wipe them down with hot, soapy water.  Then put some rubbing alcohol on there to keep them from streaking.
  7. Use soda to clean the corrosion off your car battery.  Just unscrew the terminals, and dump some Coke or Pepsi on there.  It won’t hurt anything.  Then scrub the corrosion off with a wire brush, and rinse it with warm water.
  8. Give the neighbor kid a 20 to do it for you!

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