Graham Nash's sex life is pretty good theses days, according to the twice-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. Nash, who received great reviews for his new 30-track career retrospective, titled Over The Years. . ., spoke to The Daily Mail, and explained the circumstances that led to his divorce from wife Susan Sennett after nearly four decades and three adult children together. Nash is now involved with 38-year-old writer/actress Amy Grantham. He explained how his life ended up taking a left turn: "I thought, 'I’m not in love with my wife, so what do I do?' I figured, I’m at the end of my life, I could just settle, but I couldn’t do that -- my heart was screaming at me to move on. So I divorced my wife and fell in love with a woman who’s just brilliant. She’s half my age. I’m 76 now, she’s not even 40 yet. Wild, eh? My sex life is insane. It’s better than it’s ever been in my life."

When asked if his children are all cool regarding his new life with Grantham, who's around the same age as them: "No, it’s not fine at all. I don’t speak to my boys at all. It’s terribly sad but maybe time will heal all wounds, maybe one day. I divorced their mother, y'know?"

Regarding his estranged relationship with longtime partner David Crosby, Nash admitted: "Right now, I don’t like David Crosby. He’s a very negative person in many ways and I don’t have the energy for that." When pressed if he would regret passing over the opportunity to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 self-titled Crosby, Stills, & Nash debut album with the trio, Nash said: "I might regret it if I do it."

Nash, who's been a road horse as of late, recently wrapping a series of European dates and hitting the road again next month in the States, revealed that he actually walked out of a recent Bob Dylan concert: "I saw him at the Beacon Theatre in New York two months ago. And I left halfway through the show. He never said one word to the audience, nothing. I felt like he didn’t care about us and it pissed me off, so I left."

Graham Nash told us that his acoustic shows have brought him closer to his audience than ever before: "They more and more seem to think I’m one of them, and I like that a lot. ‘Cause I don’t want it to be, y’know, a bunch of people looking at some guy onstage as a star, y’know? Whatever we have done in our lives, every single decision we have ever made, up to this point will bring us to the show. So, why not have the best time? Why not have me do my job, which is as a musician, I go there, I sing songs, I hope to touch their hearts, I hope to touch their minds, I get paid money, and they leave smiling. What’s wrong with this picture?"