Graham Nash will be back on the road in 2020, with a dozen new stops just announced running throughout March. Nash's ongoing tour features just him, Shane Fontayne -- Crosby, Stills, & Nash's longtime road guitarist, and keyboardist Todd Caldwell. So far, the initial dates kick off on March 4th in York, Pennsylvania at Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center and run through March 31st at Cincinnati's Memorial Hall. Along the way, Nash has shows scheduled for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Graham Nash told us that not worrying about his partners' material on a nightly basis has proven to be a liberating thing for him: "It's really interesting having to deal with my music, not having to wonder whether (David) Crosby has equal songs, or Stephen (Stills) has equal songs, or Neil (Young) has equal songs. You know me; I've always been the democratic one in the band. But having to deal with just my music is kind of refreshing. It's very satisfying, actually."

Nash admitted that his acoustic shows have brought him closer to his audience than ever before: "They more and more seem to think I'm one of them, and I like that a lot. ‘Cause I don't want it to be, y'know, a bunch of people looking at some guy onstage as a star, y'know? Whatever we have done in our lives, every single decision we have ever made, up to this point will bring us to the show. So, why not have the best time? Why not have me do my job, which is as a musician, I go there, I sing songs, I hope to touch their hearts, I hope to touch their minds, I get paid money, and they leave smiling. What's wrong with this picture?"

JUST ANNOUNCED: Graham Nash tour dates (subject to change):

March 4 - York, PA - Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center
March 5 - Tarrytown, NY - Tarrytown Music Hall
March 7 - Ithaca, NY - The State Theatre of Ithaca
March 8 - Buffalo, NY - Asbury Hall at Babeville
March 10 - Alexandria, VA - Birchmere
March 12 - Newton, NJ - The Newton Theatre
March 13 - Glenside, PA - Keswick Theatre
March 17 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
March 18 - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
March 19 - Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
March 25 - Huntsville, AL - Mars Music Hall
March 31 - Cincinnati, OH - Memorial Hall OTR