Graham Nash maintains that he best songs have come from average, everyday moments. Nash, who is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Crosby, Stills, & Nash's 1969 self-titled debut album, told The Yorkshire Post, “A lot of my songs just come from ordinary moments, like 'Our House.' Taking (then girlfriend) Joni (Mitchell) to breakfast in a shivering late winter Los Angeles morning, rain and cold and foggy and miserable. We passed an antiques store and she saw a vase that she wanted to buy. So we get into her car and go back to her house in Laurel Canyon, where we were living, and go through the front door and I say, 'Hey, Joni, 'Why don't I light the fire while you put those flowers in the vase.' Ordinary moments.”

Nash, who at 77 remains an optimist at heart, still believes that music can change the planet: “I have absolutely no doubt. I think music is an incredible form of communication and I think when it’s well done it can change the world. If you change one person’s mind, have you changed the world? You have in a small way. I still think to this day that music is a very powerful form of communication and it’s very necessary in this chaotic world that we have today.”

When we last caught up with Graham Nash, he told us that he and collaborator Shane Fontayne are already hard at work on the followup to Nash's 2016 studio set, the critically acclaimed This Path Tonight: “Shane and I (have) five or six songs that we're finishing. As you know, we wrote 20 songs together and we only used 10, maybe 13 if you bought the deluxe set (of the last album), so, we still have seven left that we love. And Shane's been writing and I've obviously been writing, so while we're on tour in Europe, we'll get in the back of the bus and start writing the next record.”

Graham Nash will next perform on July 11th in Gavorrano, Italy.