Sunday is national Grandparents Day!  Another opportunity to say thanks to those people who helped shape our lives.   I am always amazed to see how a little child will be so willing to snuggle up to an elderly Grandparent or Great Grandparent.

I only knew one of my Grandparents. My Grandma DE Hart.  But oh what a great Grandma she was to me.   She lived in Paris TN and we lived in Memphis so we only got to see her on weekend trips a few times a year.   She would always make sure that each of us had something special waiting for us when we came in.  Mine was a Chocolate Cake! MMMMM I loved my Grandma

Later in life I had the honor to live with her when I worked in Paris Tn.  Well to be technical I lived with my Aunt Chris and Uncle Brent and we stayed with them.

Every morning I would leave to go to work about 5am, Grandma usually was still asleep, but I worked a split shift and I would come home about 8:30 and my Grandma would be awake and she would always tell me “Sit down her and I am going to make you a big breakfast” To this day when I go to a restaurant for a big breakfast!  I loved my grandma

My little Grandma was born in the sticks of TN and had never left the states until my Mom and Grandma traveled to Hawaii to see my sister and her new baby.   At the airport Grandma got tripped up on the escalator and everyone thought she would get upset and not want to get on the plane.  But she hoped up and was ready to go!

Later in her life that trip became a way we could communicate with Grandma when she was in a nursing home battling Parkinson’s.  If you got her vacation photos out she seemed to be a little bit more with us.  I know that brought a lot of comfort to my Mom and sisters who visited her in the nursing facility every day.   I lived in Idaho at the time, so getting to see her was limited but when I was in Memphis I wanted to see Grandma.

She went back to heaven when I was in Arkansas and the trip to go home was full of tears and memories.  After the funeral all the cousins got together and spent a few hours sharing memories and laughs.  I think I wrote in a previous blog that after everyone had left the restaurant, I was hanging back to make sure the wait staff received a proper tip and this little waitress came up to me and said “ It is sure nice to serve such happy people”  My response was an insert foot in mouth moment.  I said “We just buried our grandmother” I felt horrible so I had to apologize to the waitress and tell her that my Grandma would have loved to be there with us and I think she was.

So this Sunday take a few minutes and remember you’re Grandparents and if you are a Grandparent Happy Grandparent day.

I think on Sunday I will have a “Big Breakfast”

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