Green Day is continuing to tease fans with yet another post indicating that the band has been rehearsing one of its early albums from front to back. This time, it's the band's 1991 sophomore record Kerplunk!, which was the first to feature drummer Tre Cool and the band's last effort for Lookout Records before signing a major deal with Reprise.

Cool took to his Instagram the other night to post the news that the trio had been rehearsing the LP, following earlier posts in which Cool and bassist Mike Dirnt revealed that the group had also been running through the complete track lists of 1994's Dookie and 1995's Insomniac.

Green Day has not offered any hints about what the practice sessions may entail, but fans initially theorized that a 25th anniversary Dookie tour could be in the works -- until the Insomniac post led to speculation that the band could play both LPs back to back each night or alternate between the two albums from show to show.

Bassist Mike Dirnt told us how the band chooses what to play from its large back catalog: "It depends on the night, really. Depends on what we want to do. Some nights we want to pull out a marathon set and other nights we want to play a really concise set of our catalog that kind of peppers between everything. But you know, it's definitely a good problem to have, is a big catalog of songs that you want to play it all."

The inclusion of Kerplunk! in the mix should certainly unleash a whole new set of theories, which is probably just what Green Day wants. The band currently has nothing on its live schedule after completing the touring cycle for its 12th studio effort, 2016's Revolution Radio.