Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared his thoughts on the band's breakout third album Dookie in honor of the LP's 25th anniversary on Friday (February 1st). The 1994 release was the trio's major label debut, selling more than 20 million copies worldwide and spawning five hit singles, including "Longview," "Basket Case," "Welcome To Paradise," "She" and "When I Come Around."

Armstrong wrote on Instagram, "Random thoughts and gratitude for the 25 year anniversary of the big D. We wanted to think of something special to do but we couldn’t quite come up with anything...Maybe play the record in its entirety at the pyramids in Egypt. Or jam it Machu Picchu? Exclusive in Viggiano? Never quite came to fruition.. But never despair. 2019 still has time."

He also shared some memories of that time in the band's career, writing, "Driving in my old Ford Fairlane hearing 'Longview' on the radio for the first time...having a lot of uncertainty about our future but not giving a s**t. Wanting and dreading to be a rock star...if that’s even possible...Local punk scene backlash...stress stress stress!! You have to have gratitude for the bad and the ugly too...I hope people keep listening...cause we’ll keeping playing."

We asked drummer Tre Cool a while back how the success of Dookie changed Green Day: "There's a responsibility that goes along with it. I think that we respect more now than we did when we were probably younger, you know, when Dookie was around, going crazy. It is like a responsibility and we sort of feel like this kinship with all the fans."

Armstrong hinted to fans on Instagram in December that he was writing new Green Day songs but did not share any more details. The band kept a low profile for much of 2018, although they posted photos over the summer indicating that they had been rehearsing classic early albums like Dookie, Insomniac and Kerplunk! in full.