Today’s weather forecast is for a cold wet windy day and what goes with a day like today   A grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup……… ah that is comfort food.

I am not a big fan of cheese but a grilled cheese is mighty tasty and since today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day

Boar’s head recently completed a survey that show’s only 13% of Americans DON’T like grilled cheese sandwiches.  87% said they do.  And it’s our SECOND favorite cheesy food behind pizza, but ahead of macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers.

Another new survey also revealed just how much we love cheese in general . . .

87% of people in that survey said they’d rather give up either coffee, chocolate, or booze before cutting cheese out of their diet.

90% would eat cheese multiple times every day if it wasn’t bad for them.

And 66% said that if the area they live in suddenly BANNED cheese, they’d move.

Which I find kind of CHEESY!  Bad joke I know.

There is even word out today that eating a combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup is not good for you because it is hard to digest and might cause you to have gas.   So I say what is a little gas between friends and you would say EWW.

A few years ago the FOOD NETWORK had a competition show all about opening a food court restaurant.  One of the ideas was for a Grilled Cheese Restaurant, which I thought was a great idea and the judges didn’t agree with me.  I thought they could even feature a Grilled Cheese Sandwich of the day which would pair different Cheeses and soups.  I think the combo’s would be endless and a lot of fun.  Why don’t I put my money where my mouth is?  Well I have plenty of mouth but not a lot of money.

Now on to MAYOCHUP, Heinz Ketchup has combined Mayo and Ketchup and have it on the shelfs in the Middle East and now are thinking about bringing it to America.   What brilliance they want to bring “FRY SAUCE” to us here where we already have “FRY SAUCE”

My 1st try and fry sauce was at the Arctic Circle in Rexburg.  It instantly became my fry dip of choice.   I would tell my friends in TN about it and got the YUK response.

When I lived outside of St Louis I would have lunch a couple of times a week at a small mom and pop place.  One day they saw me take Mayo and mix it with Ketchup and you would have thought I had set off a nuke.   I kept trying to get them to try it and even told them it would be a hit with the crowd they wanted more of high school students.   But did they listen to me NOOOOOOOOOOO!  They were out of business within a year.  Fry sauce doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Another food related idea I had was a Buffet that would have at least one night a month with Breakfast at dinner.   I love having breakfast foods for dinner and think that idea could be a winner if done properly.   Take a night where you are not getting big crowds and make it something special.   Breakfast for dinner, I think that is a winner for dinner.  Guy Fieri watch out!


Today on stupid news:  There’s no place like home and IT”S FRY SAUCE

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