We all have them, something we enjoy that some people “REALLY YOU LIKE THAT?’

I say stand up and be proud of your guilty pleasure!

*****DISCLAIMER**** your guilty pleasure should not be against the law and not ikky.

Here are some guilty pleasure that you might enjoy.

Pretending you are the star of you own cooking show on Food Network, this could be any profession or activity that you enjoy but know you aren’t that good at.  Like throwing the winning TD in the Super Bowl.

Have an imagination is KOOL

Singing in the car and thinking you could be a rock star!   I do that all the time, when I was a kid I wanted to be a Temp, Top or a Pip.  (Temptation’s, the 4 Tops, Or Gladys Knight and the Pips)

FOOD.  Oh the guilty pleasures there, Warm donuts, Warm Bread, Chocolate.  Your favorite Ice Cream (mine is cold)  But a real guilty pleasure for me would be admitting that you love a Health Food, any food will do as long as it is healthy and not rice cakes

Guys do you secretly enjoy a trip to the Pottery Barn.  Pier 1 Imports or heaven forbid HOBBY LOBBY.   Don’t worry I won’t take your MAN CARD.    I secretly go into Hobby Lobby and stare at all the Super Hero items.

I enjoy Chick Flicks,   Movies like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, 16– 1st dates.

But I find a lot of people just don’t like to admit that they have a guilty pleasure until they find someone who has the same Guilty Pleasure.  Pro- Wrestling.

Admit it pro Wrestling is entertaining and that is what it is all about ENTERTAINMENT.  I will have someone act like they know the big secret ‘YOU DO KNOW IT’S FAKE?”  I always say “NOOOOOOOO!  Did you know that Star Wars is fake?”

Watching the WWE superstars is not for everyone, but that is OK.  I don’t watch American Idol, The Kardashians or Dancing with the Stars.   I tried to watch “Survivor” once and now I wish I had that hour back!

The world of Pro Wrestling has changed so much over the years, from its roots at Carnivals and county fairs to the days of trying to fool everyone to today where most of the fans love the athletic entertainment the pageantry and chance to yell to the top of your lungs for a few hours.

Now I will talk to someone about Wrestling and they will say I used to watch it but I don’t know”.   Then they start talking the stars of today and I say know they watch or at the very least follow closely Pro Wrestling.

The WWE is the largest promotion in the world and they will be at the Maverick Center on Saturday night and thousands of fans will be there to Chant, cheer and boo all night long.

I could talk Pro Wrestling all day long and sometimes have.  I do a Pod Cast about it Turnbuckle Trash.  A link is on this website.  I am joined by a host of Trash Heads like my two no – host Ajay Salvador and Zane Petersen.  We love talking to other fans and often will have them join us on a pod cast.   Last week we spoke with the C0 Founder of a popular Wrestling website called Stillrealtous.com.


Embrace and be proud of yours!  As long as it is not IKKY

On today’s show: King James coming to Utah to play with the Jazz.  Along with near naked atheltes

Stupid new:  Don’t put that there, Donugs and I can’t drive 55

Laff Lines: hairy chest