Guns N' Roses is rumored to have been paid more than $6.5 million for its headlining performance at this year's Download Festival, which took place last weekend at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England. It's believed to be the most amount of money the festival's organizers have ever given a band to perform at the legendary metal festival.

  • The band's show was acclaimed by the U.K. press. The group arrived at the venue one minute before its scheduled start time and left the site shortly after the performance in a helicopter.
  • Guns N' Roses' current "Not In This Lifetime" tour ranks as the fourth-highest grossing trek of all time, according to Billboard's Boxscore. The tour, which launched in April 2016, topped the $475 million mark at the end of 2017, with the current European run adding more to that tally.

In other news -- and perhaps related -- Guns guitarist Slash has agreed to pay his estranged wife Perla Ferrar more than $6.6 million as part of their divorce settlement. According to The Blast, Slash agreed to pay Ferrar $100,000 per month in spousal support until she dies or remarries, along with a $6.6 million equalization payment.

  • That is a payment made to offset an imbalance in joint property assets if one spouse receives more than the other. Slash will get to keep his interest in all of his guitars, instruments, companies and residuals as part of the deal.
  • Slash also offered to give Ferrar primary custody of their sons, 15-year-old London and 13-year-old Cash, but asked to keep joint legal custody. He also agreed to pay $39,000 per month in child support, with his sons collecting 1.8 percent of his income until 2036.
  • He told us a while back that becoming a father helped settle him down: "I never actually was one of those guys that said I'm gonna be single forever and never have children. I just never made plans for it, so when it happened, it was, like, at the perfect time in my life. It's like, if it had happened a second earlier, I couldn't have handled it, 'cause I was too out there. Then when the kids came, it actually sort of secured me, more than anything."
  • Ferrar will also get to keep a 2014 Range Rover, a 2015 Mercedes AMG and a 2015 Mercedes GL 450. Slash listed his monthly income as $345,000 in court documents.
  • The guitarist filed for divorce from Ferrar for the second time in four years in December 2014.The couple reportedly did not sign a prenuptial agreement when they married in 2001, meaning that Ferrar would be entitled to half of Slash's income from 2001 to 2014. But she is not entitled to any of Slash's share of the money that the Guns N' Roses reunion tour has raked in.