That is what I thought about Halloween just a couple of years ago.   I just did not enjoy Halloween until just a few years ago.  But I do have my reasons.

When I was at the twilight of my Trick or Treat years was when people started to taint Halloween candy.  In Memphis for several years you would hear about pins in apples and candy bars that had drugs injected into them.  A friend’s kid brother was injured by one of these idiots who wanted to hurt someone.

That just soured me on Halloween so for years I would avoid Halloween Parties and Trick or treaters.  But about 7 years ago I started coming around I started seeing the fun side of Halloween, the costumes the little kids eyes when you gave them some trick or treat candy and our own Ghoul 103.9.

That’s right Ghoul 103.9 renewed my thoughts on Halloween.  I came up with the idea play Music and comedy with a Halloween theme about 7 years ago and started to have some fun putting together several of the song mixes you hear.  Like I want Candy, She blinded me with science, Somebody’s watching me, and in the air tonight.   I started to have fun every Halloween.

I am still not a fan of scary movies epically the slasher films.  I don’t care for them at all.   I have seen a few but really didn’t enjoy them.  I guess I would rather laugh and eat candy than watch some teen age doffus get his or her head cut off.   That’s just me.   I have a lot of friends that love those movies.

So this Halloween I am more of a Halloweenie than in years past just don’t ask me to watch a scary flick.  But I will join you for in the Pumpkin Patch with Linus singing Pumpkin to sing Pumpkin carols!

Today on the morning show: Halloween candy can make us theirs.    Then we have Burger Trivia

Stupid news: Halloween Candy exchange and a ban in North Carolina.  Then an update on the stolen colon

Laff lines: Corn Maze fun