With Halloween coming this Tuesday here are some Halloween facts:

How much will you spend on the Trick or Treaters, about 22 dollars.

We here in Utah spend a lot on candy but not as much as Oregon.  The Beehive State comes in 4th behind Oregon, Washington and New Jersey.  The states that spend the least are Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, and Colorado.

We’ll spend an average of $80 TOTAL on Halloween.  $22 on candy . . . $27 on our costume . . . $21 on decorations . . . and about $10 on other stuff.

Young people spend the most on their costumes, an average of $66.  People in their 50s and 60s spend the least, an average of just $3.  This year I am going cheap also,  I got the Idaho from The Simpsons

Here I am at Comic con w

NBC news did a story about Halloween Candy and I couldn’t resist.  Listen here:


Stupid news is all about a robbery, a speeding tickets, and vandals.  Listen here.


Laff Lines is one of my favorite comedians the late John Pinette on Halloween.


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