1995 the average cost for a gallon of gas was 1.09 Michael Jordan returned to the NBA again and getting ready to push off B- Russ again! But I digress.  O.J. Simpson was found not guilty (yeah right) the worst Batman movie of all time Batman Forever was released.  Bill Clinton was President.  And I started my radio show here in Logan Utah.

The people of Northern Utah took in this old southern boy from Memphis TN.   And now I call this my home.  So how did I come here?

I had been working in Mid Missouri for 7 years 6 of those as a co- owner of a radio station in a wonderful community Montgomery City, I loved living there but life moves on and I found myself without a job and a big decision to make.  So in May of 1994 I packed up my things and came west to look for a job but little did I know what was to become the best decision I ever made.

I arrived in Cache Valley on June 1st of 1994 to drop off some items at my best friend’s home in North Logan.  Lary and Patty Jones let me stay with them a few days and Patty said “I have someone I would like you to meet”.   That someone was to become my wife.  Teresa Kendrick come over the next day and we hit it off and my 1st full day here I had met the best thing in my life.

I found work at a radio station in Salt Lake while traveling to Cache valley to see my future wife and on Thanksgiving night we became engaged!  YEAH US!

Now comes where will we live after we get married?  Teresa had a friend who told her of a radio opening in Logan.  The next day I had the job and in March of 1995 I went on the air on “KGNT THE COUNTRY GIANT’.  Yes I was a country DJ and I loved it and I worked with good people.

Life moves on and in early 2002 the radio station was sold to the Cache valley media group.

Now just to let you know that was a very stressful time in my life.  I had became very ill in the year 2000 and spent a lot of time in the hospital and even more time in the Dr. office., 11 procedures on a major surgery in 18 months  and finally my health started to return.  The day that all the equipment was moved from the North Logan studio to the “Radio Ranch” I was in Salt Lake at the U of U hospital having that surgery.  I recovered and a few weeks later I was here and have been here ever since.  On Black Friday of 2002 The Giant became KOOL 1039 and I got to make the change from Country to The greatest hits of all time.


I love being on the radio here.  I get to what I call “Play Radio” because that is what I do every morning I have fun being on the air and talking to you guys.  (If I was still in TN. I would have said ya’ll instead of you guys)

Life has its ups and downs and I have had my share.  The loss of loved ones, being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (I was just declared cancer free) a knee replacement where a 3 day stay in the hospital became 2 and a half weeks.  But there have plenty of good things too.  Going the Cruise in Comic Con and just being able to share my life you all of you.   The kind words I get from you that listen are always something that I cherish.  Sometimes I feel silly talking to myself in this little room and when I do I picture you living your life listening to KOOL 1039.  I hope you all know how much I appreciate you letting me be a small part of your life as much as I appreciate you being a part of mine.

Happy anniversary to us!

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