Today I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my wife Teresa.  We were married 24 years ago today.

One short story from that day was our wedding meal, two Double Whoppers! NO ONIONS!  I am not stupid enough to have onions on my wedding night!

Why Double Whoppers?  Remember your wedding day and how hectic it was.  We were so busy greeting friends and family that we hardly ate all day long.  So on our way to the Hotel there was a BURGER KING!

Twenty four great years!

Would it be safe to say that the Honey moon is over because now I order extra onions on my Double Whopper?

I will just say this June 17th 24 years ago today   THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Today on the morning show, it was 25 years ago today we watched a White Bronco!   Today is Eat your Vegetable day too

Stupid news two stupid traffic violation and a machete.

Laugh lines