Happy Birthday to my MOM!

My mother was born on this date in 1924 in Tennessee.  Growing up in the depression, seeing people she loved going off to serve in WW II.  Yeah Mom had a rough start and a lot of challenges.

Her greatest challenge was David Denton.

Yeah, Me!!!!!!!!!

My mother had the challenge of raising 5 kids after our father passed away when I was four years old.   My Mother had very little education when Dad died so she did the only thing she could and went back to school and became a nurse to support her kids.   I know it had to be so hard on her.  My Dad meant the world to her and here she was alone with the closest family living hours away.  Let’s just say I am a proud son of Martha Arlene DE Hart Denton.

Why do I say I was her greatest challenge?  Let me tell you about something my wife says about me.  I will be telling her some childhood memories and Teresa will look me square in the eye and say “ YOUR POOR MOMMA” to which I reply ‘ AND NOW MOM LOOKS DOWN FROM HEAVEN AND SAYS THAT POOR TERESA”

Mom always made sure we went to church on Sunday’s and several times mom would stop at KFC to get Sunday Supper.   Occasionally she would stop at a small hamburger stand that served the best soft served Ice Cream.

One Sunday I was wanting Ice Cream and I wanted it NOW.  I started begging mom to stop but she said NO!  Several times I mean a lot because I WANTED ICE CREAM!

As we got closer I had a plan that was sure to work.  Sitting behind Mom who was driving I placed my left arm between her door and the car seat and reached out and turned on the turn signal thinking I was so cute that she had to get me Ice Cream.  My plan did not work, I don’t think I ever saw my Mom so mad at me.

Fast forward a few weeks later on the way home from church I start in asking for ice cream.  No Mom said, several times, Ok a lot.  Then in my ice cream deprived brain I had an idea.

As we got closer to the Ice cream joint I started making the sound of a turn signal and my Mom busted our laughing and I got some ICE CREAM!

“My poor Momma”

We moved when I was in the 8th grade and lived 2 miles from school and Memphis did not have a bus system at the time so I walked to school both ways in the snow up hill, every day!!!!!  That is until I broke my foot and mom had mercy on me and would drive me to school in the mornings, usually we would stop at a store to grab a soda and snack.  To this day I can hear her in my head telling me to get me something and her a Tab and a Honey Bun.

So in my Moms honor today I will stop by the store and get her favorite treat —- A honey bun— I hate Tab so I will substitute it with something ——- anything but a Tab!

“My poor Momma”

I loved seeing my Mom laugh and she loved  Andy Griffin so in her memory here is Andy telling the story of “ What it was, was Football’

This still makes me laugh

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