On this date 1974 we all started saying “AYE” “SIT ON IT” ‘I FOUND MY THRILL ON BLUEBERRY HILL”

Because the sitcom “Happy days” debuted on this day.  Boy do I feel old!

When I read this this morning I started remembering the hours I have spent watching The Cunningham’s, The Fonz, Ralph Malph and Potsie.

I think the show found its real impact with the chemistry between the “Fonz” and Richie.

But I wanted you to remember the impact on POP CULTURE the show had.

Let’s talk spin offs

Lavern and Shirley

Mork and Mindy

The Fonz and the Happy Days cartoon

And who could forget Joanie Love Chachi!

There were comic books and at least two musical stage shows.

Besides all that think of the movies and TV shows that the stars of Happy Days were a part of.  Here is a partial list

Ron Howard:

The Music man Movie, The Andy Griffith show, American Graffiti and More American Graffiti

As a director another Partial list

Night shift (with Henry Winkler)



Gung Ho



Apollo 13

A beautiful Mind

The Da Vinci Code

A beautiful mind

Solo: a Star wars Story

Then Henry Winkler always THE FONZ but also a great actor and director.

The one and only –he was a Pro Wrestler (who would have thunk it)


The Water boy

Here comes the BOOM

The Lords of Flatbush

And more TV shows than space than I have

And even Potsie, Anson Williams has had great success as a director of

A Smokey Mt. Christmas

Memories of me

Cop and a Half

As a Producer



Deadman’s Gun

The list of credits of actors and guest stars of this little TV show is as impressive as any you can think of.

And happy days even gave us this term


Oh how I long for those Happy Days

 Utah has a champ and foods we hate

Stupid news

Laff lines