We have all had one of THOSE DAYS!  Well if you think about it you can turn one of THOSE DAYS into a GREAT DAY.

I often say you can find something to be happy about and sometimes it is something that happens to you every day.  Today I found this article “The Independent” about when we are happy.  (Are my comments)

A survey found 3:25 PM is when we’re the happiest.  And on average, we have eight happy moments on any given day.  Here are the ten happiest moments of the day overall

  1.  Waking up after a great night’s sleep. (That comes on days when I don’t hear the alarm at 4:15 am)
  2.  Eating a great dinner. (OH YEAH)
  3.  The moment you sit down in front of the TV at night. (Maybe eating a great dinner in front of the TV OH YEAH)
  4.  Your boss showing you some appreciation. (Always nice to get a pat on the back)
  5.  Getting home after work. (Snacks help)
  6.  Getting a compliment from someone. (SEE# 4)
  7.  Getting a hug from your child. (Hugs are great)
  8.  Having a late-night snack. (All Snacks are good with a hug too!)
  9.  The moment you take off your work clothes. (They should have said and getting into your comfy clothes, the neighbors might start talking if you just take off your work clothes)
  10.  The moment you take your shoes off after work.  (I have big feet so when I take off my size 14’s it is nice


Some of our worst moments of the day including being stuck in traffic, spilling food, and realizing you slept through your alarm. (Or like I did today waking up 7 minutes before the alarm and wanting to go back to sleep but you know if you do when that alarm goes off your heart will skip a few beats)

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