This is a strange time of the year for me.   The traditions of Christmas is over and New Year’s Eve is coming up on Sunday.  But New Year’s Eve has never been a holiday that I have looked forward to.

Over the years I found myself working on New Year’s Eve bring in the New Year on the radio or by being a DJ at a New Year’s Eve Party.

As the countdown began for the New Year I was usually alone (AWW, you feel bad for me huh).  If I was in a relationship it usually ended before the holiday season.

One year in Rexburg Idaho I wasn’t working and had no plans for New Year’s Eve when some young ladies invited me to their house for a dinner, so I figure it was going to be a small dinner party with other guest.  WRONG BABY NEW YEAR BREATH!  I go to the apartment and I am the only guest which was fine with me at the time.  We had a nice dinner had a few laughs then they asked if I could fix a problem they were having with the Cable TV service.  Which I gladly did and after I fixed the problem they said it was time to leave they were going to a New Year’s Eve party.   WHAT?  That really happened, Yep I did not have a great New Year’s Eve 

Not every year was that bad, I was a DJ at a party one year did the countdown to midnight  and 5 women came up on the stage give me a New Year’s kiss,   yep they were drunk and their male friends weren’t too happy but I was !to celebrate.

The year before I moved to Logan I was working in Salt Lake when I received a request  that made me very happy , it was my soon to be wife Teresa who was in Logan while I worked in Salt Lake,  we had gotten engaged on Thanksgiving.
So on Sunday night I will get ready for a New Year’s Eve Celebration with a tradition that started after I got married.   I will be snoring in bed because the countdown to the New Year isn’t till midnight!   So it is either be in my nice warm bed asleep on in a living room chair asleep while the TV is on.

Either way HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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