Yes Happy Rusev Day.  What does that mean?   Just like on TV or Radio “MORE AFTER THIS”!

I am sure it has happened to all of us at one time or another.  We look forward to the weekend a time to enjoy life.  But that little tickle in the throat and the aches and pains start and BAM the weekend is ruined.  That is what happened at our house this weekend.

Last Monday it hit me the sick feeling the no energy the coughing the hacking and I didn’t start feeling better until Sunday evening.  My wife comes home from her job on Friday and BAM it hits her.   So our weekend was coughing aches and pains and naps.    This is the cold and flu season and if you haven’t had you flu shot, get it.  I know the reports that this year’s vaccine say it is only 30% effective and there are several strains this year it is worth it to me.  This is the 1st time in about 6 years I had the flu.  The only redeeming feature of the weekend was watching football and napping all day on Sunday.

So what about Ruesev day.   Just think WWE!

As you know I love pro wrestling and do a Pod cast with Ajay Salveson and Zane Petersen about it called turnbuckle trash.  So last week I spent some time putting together a best of 2017 pod cast.  I hope you take time to listen to some of it.  It is in several sections you can listen to.  I think even none wrestling fans will enjoy the BUTTFUMBLE segment of bloopers and 3 guys kidding each other.  Here is a Sample

Want more go to

Hope you enjoy it we have fun doing it.

Today’s stupid news comes from Clearfield, Russia, New York City, and Las Vegas.  Listen here

We also had a Christmas eve Celebration???????  Good Morning Vietnam

Laff lines. Brain Regan on who controls the remote