Some people enjoy getting scared!   NOT ME … I LIKE HAVING CONTROL OF MY BODILY FUNCTIONS.

So I don’t do horror movies, haunted houses or corn mazes.  It has only been the past few years that have started enjoying Halloween.  That has happened with producing our GHOUL 1039 show.


That doesn’t mean I haven’t had hunted house experience.  As a teenager a family friend needed help at a haunted house and asked me to help.  I get to the event and was told my help would be lying in a real coffin with a stake through my heart for 5 hours.  WITHOUT A BATROOM BREAK!  Now that is scary!

Make up was applied a fake wooden stake place on my chest and ketchup applied (this in the days before Mayo Chup).   I was placed in the coffin and waited for people to stare at me as I watched them through squinted eyes.  I must admit to sitting up and scaring a few.

But the best game when two teenage girls peered into the coffin wondering if this was who they thought it was.  They tried everything they could to make me break but I held on. (After a few hours without a bathroom break I knew all about holding on!)

As the girls walked away I sprung up out of my coffin trying to get to them.  The whole place erupted in laughter as these two girls started screaming and running away.  Let’s just say I got a good scolding at school the next day.

A few years ago I was with two girls at Lake O the Ozarks in MO.  When the younger talked her cousin and I to go to a haunted house.  OK, yes I had to pay for it too. As the scare fest began the 2 girls said “Dave, you big strong handsome man led the way!” (I added the handsome part because this is my story)  We made our way through being screamed, jumped and visually assaulted I had to stop in my tracks, why I felt spider webs!  I told my friends to be prepared but it didn’t help.   I had 2 girls jumping on me a digging there finger nails into my shoulders and arms.  Yes marks were made which took days to heal.  As we exited I could hear one of the girls say.  Why did he take us in that place?

Still makeS me laugh

Here is a story I found about a really scary haunted house

There’s a haunted house in Summertown, Tennessee called McKamy Manor.  And it may be the world’s SCARIEST haunted house.

 If you make it through, you get a $20,000 prize.  But . . . NO ONE’S ever made it through.

 Why is it so scary?  It uses hypnotism to play MIND GAMES with people.  Or, more accurately, to psychologically TORTURE them.  And it messes with them so much that they ALL wind up saying the phrase to get out:  “You really don’t want to do this.” 

If you’re interested in trying, you need to sign a 40-page waiver, complete a physical, pass a drug test, prove you have medical insurance, and pass a background check.  You also have to watch a two-hour video montage of people quitting.


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