Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart couldn't be more thrilled at how the band's recently-wrapped "Love Alive" tour went down, which followed a three-year hiatus from the Hall of Famers. The trek featured alternating special guests Sheryl Crow and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts -- along with openers Elle King, Brandi Carlile, and Lucie Silvas. posted a Q&A with the Wilson's, in which Ann said that the band felt the need to cover all eras of the band's career this time out, explaining, "It was important that we played to our early stuff just as much as our radio hits. Songs like 'Rockin' Heaven Down,' 'Mistral Wind,' 'Love Alive,' 'Little Queen,' and 'Dog And Butterfly,' were in balance with the radio hits like 'Magic Man,' 'Crazy On You,' 'Barracuda,' 'These Dreams,' and 'Alone'. We did only a very few covers that spiced up the set and honored our solo sides: 'Your Move' by Yes, 'The Boxer' by Simon & Garfunkel, and 'Stairway To Heaven' by Led Zeppelin. This mix was very important to show what this band can do now. I feel this was the best all the Heart songs have been played ever. They took on power, weight and meaning in 2019."

Nancy added: "The set list for this tour was the key to the tour. Fan favorites and new versions of the classics kept it fresh and surprising. . . Coming back together this time felt not only sweet, but more relevant than the past few tours. We had renewed inspiration to play together after the long absence and we both brought along some new inspirations from our solo ventures."

For Ann Wilson, going through the motions with Heart is simply never an option: "Y'know, Heart was started back in the '70s in an atmosphere of super high ideals, and about it being real and about it being, y'know, authentic. So, I really don't want to see it get to a point of being numb or automatic, or just a cash cow, y'know? That's just immoral to me."

We asked Nancy Wilson what the real impetus is for her and sister Ann to keep recording and touring as Heart: "Maybe it's fear of the bank (laughs) I don't know. Fear of working at the bank? Fear of the real world? I think we're pretty well versed how to do okay in the real world, but you're not necessarily prepared to live in the real world either when you've done this all your life. So I think continuing to do this it (laughs) is a pretty good idea (laughs)."