Every year at my house we have the same disagreement.  Is Jell-O Salad to be eaten as a salad or a desert?

I Googled it to make my point.  SALAD—a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables , usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish or other ingredients.  It’s that other ingredients that gets me every time.

I know here in Utah we are known for Green Jell-O with carrots in it. (By the way YUK).  But people call Jell-O mixed with fruits and whipped cream (YUM) a Jell-O Salad.  I will dish it on my plate on Thursday and wait until the main portion of my meal is over and use the Jell-O salad, as a pre dessert.

So Thursday I pledge not to start any arguments over something as silly as Jell-O Salad. I save that for an argument about politics, which Is as silly.

Last week news came out that a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people should only cost $48.90 this year.  Less than $5 per person, according to the American Farm Bureau’s annual study.  I think their giblets have been left out to spoil.

I but today I have found some tips to help you save a few bucks this year . . . From Self.com


  1. Don’t get fancy.  Thanksgiving foods only get expensive when you add things like nuts and bacon to make them more “gourmet.”  But most people don’t even want a gourmet Thanksgiving.  They want the classics.  So save money and keep it simple. I WANT THE BACON!
  2. You don’t HAVE to make a whole turkey.  If you’re having a smaller dinner with four or five people, you might only need to buy a turkey breast and a couple legs.  Or go with a roast chicken instead of a whole turkey.
  3. Don’t aim for a ton of leftovers.  Scale down and buy just enough food for one dinner, with maybe a little bit left over for the next day. I LOVE LEFTOVERS UNTIL ABOUT SUNDAY THEN IF THE LEFTOVERS AREN’T DONE, I AM.
  4. Make it a potluck.  Have everyone bring something.  Or if you’re doing dinner, ask them to bring some wine, or make the dessert. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH DESERT
  5. Check the back of your cupboards before you go shopping.  Things like cranberry sauce and green beans have a long shelf life.  And you might already have an extra can or two from last year that you forgot about.



Over the weekend Gordon Lightfoot had his 80th birthday.   Gordon’s Lightfoot music has a great place in my memories.   My favorite of his “If you could read my mind”   I always add “THEN YOU WOULD SLAP ME IN THE FACE”/

But there is one Lightfoot song that has a great memory attached to it.


Yep I messed up big time.  I was the only 1st year student to be given a regular air show on the high school station I was learning my craft.   I had completed a couple of show without any major mishaps.  Thanks to the upper classmen who were watching over my shoulder.

Then the powers that be said.  Let him do his show with no oversight.   NO PROBLEM!  They had faith that I would do everything correctly 0 mistakes.

As I always say “Where there is a will there is a Dave!  I have to play Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot.  The WQOX studio had 2 turntables next to each other so as one record was playing you could get the next ready to.  Not me Not Dave

As soon as I announce “Here’s Gordon Light “my hand went to the wrong turntable and Gordons and lifted the needle off the record.  No needle No Gordon.  Doh but as they say on late night TV infomercial “BUT WAIT THERE”S MORE”.   After I got the needle back on the record.  I reached to the turntable to turn it off so I get the next record ready.  I turn off the power on Gordon.  The some went Sundown you bet.    Then I turned the power back on and take care.   Yes I had just had my 1st of many Radio mishaps.

Happy Birthday Gordon


Today on the morning show Dave’s matter of perspective on USU and CSU.  A shout out to Pepperidge farms and a scary situation in Chicago

stupid news a couple was fighting maybe.  In England Controversy over …… wait for it DARTS

Laff lines:  Robin Williams