Holy Birthday cake I am feeling old

One of my childhood hero’s Burt Ward is having his 73rd Birthday today (July 6th).   Holy Fountain of Youth, kids today don’t know who Burt Ward is.   Holy Google it then!

But ward is the actor who portrayed Robin the boy wonder on TV’s.  As with most kid actors epically when they portray iconic roles get type cast and Burt’s carrier never took off after Batman left the airwaves.  He did get a few forgettable movie roles, mostly in R rated films and the occasional TV appearances.   The rest of his life he has worked behind the scenes and done many autograph sessions where you pay to have him autographed a picture or another item.

Burt was at Salt lake comic con a few years ago with the late Adam West but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 60 bucks for an autograph.

Robin was an important part of the “Batman Family” brought in by the writers to lure in younger readers.   The Character Robin has been the subject of a lot of jokes over the years too.  Some funny others just cruel.

There have been many different Robins in the Batman comics- the most famous being Dick Grayson who was taken in by Bruce Wayne after Dick’s circus family were killed in a mob hit.  Dick Grayson was allowed to grow up and like most parent child relationship there was friction and that led Dick leaving home for Bludhaven to become Nightwing, then a super spy Grayson and now back to Nightwing.

So what does Batman do without a Robin?  He gets a snot nosed brat for Robin.  Jason Todd became the focal point or the ire of the DC universe, to be so bad the DC comics let the fans decided if Jason Todd should be killed off.   Yep he was killed by the Joker in the Death of the Family storyline.    Or was he?   Jason Todd’s character was brought back to like by use of the Lazurus pit and became a member of the league of assassin.  And eventually Todd wanted revenge on Batman and became Red Hood.   If you want to watch an excellent animated movie “Batman, Under the Red Hood” it is an awesome movie.

Jason Todd eventually decided he wanted to stop crime and donned the Red Hood and got partners and the comic book world got Red Hood and the outlaws.  One of my favorite series by the way.

Another Robin entered the picture, Tim Drake who became Robin after the Death of Jason Todd.  Tim was a smart kid who figured Batman out that Bruce Wane was Batman Tim was a computer genius but was reluctantly allowed to be Robin by a still grieving Batman his character morphed into Red Robin.

There is even a female Robin, in the Frank Miller graphic novel Batman the Dark Knight a teenage girl Carrie Kelly don’s the tights and helps an aging Bruce Wayne.

Now in today’s comic book Robin is the actual son of Bruce Wayne.   Holy Conception!  There are a couple of stories about how Tala AuGhul became the Mother to Damian Wayne, one included a romance and the other trickery and a drugged Bruce conceived Damian.   As Damian was the grandson of the Demon’s head he became a member of the League of assassins.  I am so torn about this character who acts like a spoiled brat but to see how Bruce and of course Alfred work to calm the always ready to fight Damian.    I did not like this Robin at 1st but now I am even enjoying the story lines involving him.

Robin even inspired other in Gotham City when a group of teenagers wanting to take back Gotham from the gangs formed the group “We are Robin” kind of a gang but a gang who used brains eyes and Braun to help Batman and Robin.  I thought the storyline would be horrible but actually it was extremely good.

As a fan of Batman and Robin since I was a kid, the continuing changes has been fun to follow along.   Here are my rankings for the Best Robins

  1. Dick Grayson, the 1st and best to me, and add the fact that he became Nightwing, my 2nd favorite character in the DC universe.
  2. Jason Todd, it is a strange choice because so many hated him, I thought his Robin was spot on for a street kid used to doing what he wanted. Then the road to Red Hood and the Outlaws, a comic that I love reading.
  3. Carrie Kelly the one Female Robin! The Frank Miller batman stories are legendary and so is Carrie
  4. Tim Drake. I could have gone 3.b with this Tim’s run as Robin was fun but I thought the character itself blossomed more as the leader of the Teen Titians.
  5. Damian Wayne- Batman’s son, as time goes on the character grows on me, but in the begging I just didn’t like it. Now the father son dynamic which has conflict and joy is growing on me.

Holy Burt Ward:  see what you started go have some cake and some Holy Ice Cream too.   While I sit here with my Robin memories.

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