One of my favorite Christmas songs is the 12 pains of Christmas!  I laugh every time  the line “One light goes out they all go out”

As beautiful as the Christmas season is…… it can be funny.

So today a couple of Christmas fails.

When I was a kid my sister’s, and I would always wake Mom up early so we could enjoy family time and of course ‘ THE JOY OF GETTING’   One year after an early Christmas  morning  mom went back to bed and it was time to play with the new stuff and to go see what stuff our friends had received!

All the neighbor hood kids gathered outside to compare and play with the stuff.  Suddenly we got a little hungry and went inside our house and we feasted on Christmas Cookies and treat until we had cleaned the place out.   Did we stop,  NO!!!!!!!  I think every parent had went back to bed that year because our little gang of kids from the neighborhood  went from house to house on a rampage of sweets.

Parents woke up and saw the carnage and promptly everyone one us was punished in one form or another.  Most of us were punished by getting sick from all that sugar.  Yes, Pepto was in short supply that Christmas day!


A few years ago, when my wife and I lived in a Condo one of our neighbor was living with a beautiful young woman and we were glad for him.  However, the holidays can be hard on relationships and after a noisy fight the lady left, and our neighbor was not a happy Christmas elf.  The next morning as I was taking out the trash, I notice a trail of tinsel from his door to the dumpster and inside the dumpster was a huge live Christmas tree with every bulb, every ornament and  decoration  on it .  Like I said the holidays can be hard on a relationship.


Finally , my wife and I were Christmas shopping , or should I say she was, and I sat in my car in the parking lot right next to the live Christmas tree lot.  Suddenly and SUV parked near me and here comes a woman dressed in the holiday finest with a large tree.  The man grabbed the tree and attempted to place the tree INSIDE the SUV.  After a few choice words he declared that the tree was in the SUV and all he had to do was close the rear window.  I am not sure if the man’s name was Clark W Griswold or what but when he closed that window ….CRASH!!!!   the window was on the pavement .   The frustrated man and woman both had choice words for the situation and most of them were small four-letter words and then with the tree hanging out of the SUV the sped off into t her night.

I think I laughed all night long

Today I wanted to share a little information that might make It a little safer as we venture out trying to be as normal as the Pandemic lets us .  I found this information from GOOGLE


Google just analyzed nine months’ worth of Google Maps data and found the best and worst times of the day to go to various places during the pandemic.  Here are the results . . .


  1. Coffee shops are busiest on Saturday mornings, and least busy on Tuesday afternoons.


  1. Pharmacies are busiest on Friday afternoons, and least busy on Monday mornings.


  1. Grocery stores are busiest in the early afternoon on Saturdays, and least busy early Monday mornings.


  1. Restaurants are the busiest on Friday nights, and the least busy on Tuesday afternoons.


  1. And parks are the busiest on Saturday afternoons, and the least busy early on


So, stay safe and Merry Christmas


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