I take pride in saying I am an honest man.  I have even quit a job when my supervisor questioned my honesty.  As a matter of fact to be honest with you the supervisor is a very lucky man!  I came very close to taking my fist and changing the location of the man’s nose.  Thankfully, I got a control of my temper and just handed him my keys and told which body parts to shove them.

I had the same thing happen again a few years later when the owner of a radio station in Troy Mo. questioned my honesty!  His son told him a lie about me so he, the son would not get in trouble for what he had done.   No violence or thoughts of violence this time.  I was surprised when in our discussion I said to the owner of the station “I will not ask you to choose between myself and your son”.  I then added “You will come to realize soon enough that you son lied and by the way I quit”

Having a job to be able to live is important but to me being honest means more than eating (Bacon is close)

Not to say I have been an angel all my life.  I have made enough mistakes in my life that I am sometimes ashamed.

One of my slips of honestly came as a child.  I would go with my mom to wash clothes at the laundromat or as we called it in the south a “WASHATERIA” a redneck would say warsh a tear ee ah.

On this particular day mom asked me to go to a nearby store to get change. Two dollars’ worth.  She gave me instructions the change she needed.  Seven quarters, two dimes and a nickel.   I had to remember so I put it to a beat and strutted down the sidewalk singing ‘SEVEN QUARTERS, TWO DIMES AND A NICKLE’

My act of dishonestly came next, while waiting in line to get my change, I spotted some candy nearby and boy it looked good.  I slowly took a piece and slid it into my pocket.  I got my change and it was back to Mom singing ‘Seven quarters two dimes and a nickel” later I ate my candy and then it happened.  GUILT.

Boy I felt horrible, I might have been 7 years old but I still feel that sense of dread and guilt and it was on my mind constantly.  I came up with a plan!  I gathered pop bottles and turned them in for cash.  I stashed a couple of quarters away waiting for the next time we went to the warsh a tear ee ah.

Off to the store I went with a note I had scribble explaining how sorry I was and that I would never steal again!  I took the note and went to the candy area and moved some candy around and slipped in my note and two quarters to pay for the candy I had swiped.  I know I should have confessed to the clerk but in my 7 year old mind I was OK.

I tell you that little experience stuck with me and still does.

I am not sure where I read this but it right on point

Be honest to those who are honest, and also be honest to those who are not honest.  Thus honesty in attained.

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