I don’t know how people who live in Phoenix or Vegas do it.  How do they keep from melting in the heat?

I have a cousin who lives in Vegas and recently he sent me a picture of a thermometer in his back yard that read 118 degree’s.


My cousin told me once that you stay inside and schedule things to do early in the morning or late at night.

But at least it’s a dry heat!

Here I am complaining about 95 to 100 degrees.  I am so soft yes SWAFT!

This morning when I get to the radio station there was information about Logan City light and Power asking people to set the Thermostat at 78 degrees from noon until 8pm.  The measures should take some pressure off of the electric grid.

So I thought today’s blog I would attempt to give you some tips on how to stay cool and save electricity.

Some tips from Web MD

Wear loose fitting clothing light in color and use cotton clothing.

Fill a spray bottle with water and keep in in the fridge for a cool down spray.

Use a fan to help circulate the air which will keep you cooler

Take a cool shower. (Cold Showers for teen age boys, but that is for another blog)

Baseball players have been known to take lettuce leaves and freeze them and then put the frozen salad on their head before put their caps on.

And finally from WEB MD use common sense, avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot asphalt surfaces.  Check on Elderly family and neighbors.  And don’t forget your pets

Now some tips to save energy during a heat wave from Freshhom.com

Try not to use you oven, use a microwave or grill outside.  If you need to use your oven try to use it in the morning hours.

Use a programmable thermostat.  Set it higher when you are not home and in peak use hours 

Have your air condition unit serviced for peak performance.

 So finally stop asking “Is it hot enough for you?” I might just snatch and punch you in the face.   Who am I kidding?  It is too hot to punch


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