The 1st song to play on MTV was “Video killed the Radio Star”.  I DON’T THINK SO!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  People used to watch MTV for great video’s me too.    Today MTV means more tasteless viewing instead of music TV. 

   So here it is November 30, 2017 and here I am sitting behind a control panel at KOOL 1039 and playing music just like I did in 1975.   Well kind of the same way.  I will explain more

    I have often been asked how I got into radio.  The answer is in High School at WQOX in Memphis TN.   WQOX was a high school station and sounded like it but it gave me the radio bug.  Not without its own mishaps like the time I was playing the song “Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot, now back in the olden days we played real 45’s on a couple of turntables and I was nervous because it was the 1st time I was by myself.  So after I introduced Gordon in my best southern accent  I forgot which turntable the song was playing and promptly turned it off and then in a panic turned it back on again, imagine how that sounded.   But I wasn’t finished yet, I took a deep breath and then took the needle of the record then in a panic put it back on.  I am amazed that the let me continue.

   Through the years of live radio mistakes happen.  In the middle of talking a Burp here and there gets out, or you say something that comes out wrong and is ether very dirty or no one knows what you mean.  Once while doing a live sports report I mixed up two words that came out so bad that I might get fired.  Let’s just say one of the words was on George Carlin’s list of 7 words you can’t say on T.V.  I have been to live remotes and ripped my pants, forgot where I was and sneezed live on the air.  

    My wife puts up with a lot from me because her friends will come up to her and tell her what I had said on the air that might have been about her.  Lucky for me she has a great sense of humor. 

        But there are times that all those embarrassing moments are worth it.  I have had listeners tell me that I had made them laugh or smile at a difficult time in their lives.   I have shed a few tears at those times and it is very humbling to know that what I do can affect lives.   I am always amazed when I get to meet you who listen when you say you like what we do on KOOL 1039.  

     What prompted this was about 7am this morning I was getting ready for stupid news and a thought went through my head that I get paid to talk to myself! Wow, I get paid to talk to myself……. freaked me out for a little bit.  I sit in the studio by myself from 5am until 10am, oh yes I see the others here at the Cache Valley media group but in the mornings  we are all busy doing what we get paid for TALKING TO OURSELFS! 

     I do remember one piece of advice I got when I first started in radio, Talk to one person at a time, and to do that I think about what you might be doing at that time.  At home getting ready for work, having breakfast, driving to work, or just singing along with the music.  So then I remember that I am not talking to myself, I AM TALKING TO YOU!

 Today on Stupid news, a mix-up at American Airlines, a stolen car and a TV stunt goes wrong.



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