How much does that cost?  Really?  Are you kidding me?

 When you are spending your money you hope that you are getting value for that cash.  To paraphrase Donna Summer “I work hard for my money” and so do you.

When I go to a sporting event or concert I am always shocked to see prices on concessions.

I was talking to two friends who were at the NASCAR race in Las Vegas on September 18th and they said food prices were really high.  7 dollars for a soda 15 dollars for a huge hot dog. (Now granted I was told the hot dog was big enough to feed at least 3 people or 1 me)

I was at a concert in St Louis on a hot summer evening and went to get a Soda and while in line I started talking to a man about prices of beer.  Now this was years ago but it was still was unreal the price of beer.  I could by 2 large sodas for the same price as one small beer. 

I told the guy that I always limit how much I would purchase at an event because of the price.  I said as long as people paid for the overpriced items they would continue to raise price.     He didn’t agree and already 3 sheets to the wind he bought several more sheets and by the end of the concert he was almost passed out from his beer.  I can’t imagine how much he spent on Beer that night.   But I bet it would be a whole bunch of sheet!!!

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans what the most OVERPRICED things are.  And concert tickets were number one.  69% of people in the survey said they’re overpriced.  College tuition and health insurance tied for SECOND at 60%.

Here are the top 20 things Americans think are overpriced . . .Concert tickets . . . college tuition . . . health insurance . . . movie theater popcorn . . . gas . . . tickets to sporting events . . . car repairs . . . movie tickets . . . cigarettes . . . Car insurance . . . Apple products . . . rent . . . cable . . . airline tickets . . . weddings . . . medicine . . . hotels . . . utilities . . . wine at restaurants . . . and textbooks.

The survey also found we begrudgingly spend an extra $229 a month on stuff we think is overpriced.  But there ARE some things we’re willing to splurge on.

The top five splurge-worthy items are quality toilet paper (You bet only the best for my ….. good toothpaste . . . 9 make sure it taste good too.    Expensive skincare products… vanity thy name is Dave   . . . good shoes . . . and good coffee.  (I will replace good coffee with good Movie Po[corn, yeas ad the butter like substance please)

Now I don’t drink coffee but I do need shoes.  Here is true story on my shoes.  I HAVE BIG FEET!  College a guy used my old tennis shoes for his clown outfit. I HAVE BIG FEET!


So when it comes to shoes my motto is, if they are on sale and a decent price, buy them.    Last year I bought two pair of the Frankenstein boots and on vacation my wife found a pair of tennis shoes my size and them on a clearance sale.  Guess where those shoes are right now?  At my house under my bed.   I HAVE BIG FEET:

Today on the morning show: Happy news about boy and his miracle.  I am not got time to bleed.   Why do men spend so much time in the bathroom?

Stupid news:  911, a proposal and money

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