How did you start your day today?  Did you sleep until the alarm clock goes off?   Did you complete the three S’ss. …..

SHOWER—SHAVE ——–SHAMPOO?   (Do you have a dirty mind?)

Well today was kind of a strange start of the day for me.   I woke up at 3:15 am with a cough, as soon at that coughing attack subsided natured called and I don’t have call waiting.  By the time that is over it is 3:40am.  NOW I HAVE A DILEMMA ON MY HANDS!  What to do what to do?  My alarm goes off at 4:15am so do I.

  1. Go back to bed for 35 minutes and wake up at 4:15am to the annoying sound of the alarm.
  2. Read a book ( Comic Variety of course)
  3. Watch TV for a few minutes OR
  4. Get an early breakfast then take care of the three S’ss and go to work.

I opted for D.  Went to the bedroom turned off the alarm and got the early start to my day, feeling great about my choice.

As they say on those TV commercial   WAIT THERE’S MORE

I stop to get a fountain drink at a nearby store and didn’t realize that the fountain was almost out of syrup so my drink was mostly carbonated water.  BUT WAIT THER’S MORE!   I spilled some of my drink on my shirt and it was cold soda. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.   I get into the studios and our computer system had failed and we were off the air.  If you heard a scream about 5:15 am it was Me!

So with all this going on you can imagine how panicked I was when I realize it was almost 6am and I was not prepared to be on the air!

What could I do?   What did I do?  NOT A DANG THING!

Actually I just started to try to catch up and slowly I did.   It was a fun way to start the day.
So on Thursday I hope to start my day with the three S’ss

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