I was shocked to hear of the death of Roy Clark on Thursday November 15th.  I was a fan of his talent.  I know your saying but Dave Roy Clark played country music.   Yep and I like country music.  I like all kinds of music.  Roy Clark was part of the reason why.

Here is some audio of Roy Clark

If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s you probably watched Hee Haw.  It was silly it was funny and they had great music, mostly.  I was an R&B and Rock and Roll kid and for a while I would sneer country music.  That was until Hee Haw.

I can’t say I loved every song performed but I grew to appreciate some Conway Twitty, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard and more.

That had an influence on my life in radio too.   If you wanted a job you worked what format was offered and I did a lot of country radio over the years.   Thanks Roy and Hee Haw.   I needed the work.

I had the chance to see Roy Clark in concert in a show that almost wasn’t.  It was a typical hot muggy Mid Missouri day in Montgomery city Mo. and at the fair was Roy Clark.  The stage was set up and the combination of the sun on metal guitar strings and you get OUCH.  During a sound Check Roy picked up the guitar and stared to play and as he put his fingers to the guitar he stopped and there were 2nd degree burns on several of his fingers.   He almost had to cancel the show but medical attention and moving the guitars out of the sun combined for a great show of Roy Clark.  I remember standing off stage and seeing that tongue of his coming out of his mouth while playing.  I loved it.

My musical taste are wide in part because of Roy Clark.

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