I don’t have to tell you but I will.  Life can be hard!

I know I should be in the running for the Nobel Prize for that statement.

The past couple of month’s life has kicked my wife in the teeth several times.  I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say, illness, repairs and breakdowns have all added up to major stress.

But as I always attempt to do, is putting things in perspective.  My life’s issues seem stressful to me but might seem trivial to you.  But as a friend told me yesterday they are important and stressful to me.

My friend gave me that bit of wisdom, just after he told me about a major health crisis for one of his children.  Here he was going through Hell and he still was giving me comfort.  As we talked I hope that I help him just a little.

Then an unexpected act of kindness came with a phone call from a local repair shop told me why my car would not start on Sunday afternoon.   I had left my headlights on (how I have no clue).  The repair shop ran a diagnostic on my started system and found nothing wrong!!!!

How much to I owe you?   I asked.  His response floored me.  He said NOTHING.  I asked again about the diagnostic and he assured me that there was no charge. WOW! That was really KOOL.  That kind of business practice makes me want to continue to do business with his company.   I go to get my car and they had washed it too!

So I have decided to do everything I can to get out of this little bout of depression and just try to role with the flow of life.

Life can be hard and then someone helps you put things in perspective!

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