Today in 1969 almost every eye in the world was glued to their TV set to witness history when Neil Armstrong would walk on the moon.


Like any boy of my age I was so excited to see man make that “giant leap for mankind”.  One problem our TV broke and it cost money to repair and that is one thing we did not have money.  But we did have a kind neighbor who found out that our TV was not working and he came over and found a problem and fixed and told my he could pay for the parts when she got paid.   I will never forget the kindness of that neighbor.

Now for a short word on today.   This morning as I was getting ready for my show, I had a problem I could not find stupid news!  Oh, it was out there but I couldn’t use is it.  If I had one story it would offend the left, then if I used another it would offend the right so today I had no stupid news which is pretty stupid!