As you know I am a bit of the Bat Geek.

I collect Batman items and read Batman comics. What can I say but since the days of Adam West I have loved Batman stories.

The Rouges Gallery with names like Victor Zass, Mr. Freeze, Dead shot, Death Stroke and more have lead me to the Batcaver more than once,  So which villains are my favorite Bat Villains.

  1. The Court of Owls. Started in the new 52, this secret organization of Gotham’s richest and most evil citizens have ran Gotham’s underworld for years.
  2. Ra’s al Ghoul. The leader of the League of Asians who knows Bantams secret and what him to take over the league. Ra’s in even the Grandfather of the current Robin Damian Wayne.

3 Bane, Steroid’s on steroids that is the Venom that gives Bane his super strength.  Just like in the movie Bane broke Batman’s back in the Knight Fall series.

  1. Might be a surprise but at number 2 I would say The Joker. Now I haven’t seen the current Joker movie but I will.  One note about the Joker is that the Joker origin in the comics has the clown prince with no identity,
  2. Cat woman, I guess my young boy hormones kicked in about the time of Julie Newmar purring on the screen.

A few years ago on According to Jim, Julie appeared as Jim’s neighbor which had this scene

So eventually I will venture to the Theater to see This Joker.  After all I am a Bat Geek

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