Superman was my 1st Superhero.  I watched to Adventures of Superman every chance I got.  That all changed in 1966 when Batman came to life on my TV.

Here was a man who used cunning and a utility belt to fight evil.  Along with his ward Robin the Caped crusaders Zapped Powed and Ka-powed into my life.   Oh yeah when Batgirl came on the show it was Holy pre- teen hormones!

The campy Batman might have hooked me but it is the later Batman that keeps me coming back.

There is something about a hero who uses his brain and brawn to fight criminals.  Oh and being a Billionaire helps.  (I wonder if the Mega Millions Lottery will become a hero now)

The Bat story began with Bob Kane and Bill Finger created THE BATMAN in Detective comics #27.  Today is the Birthdate of Bob Kane.

The Bat family started to grow with the addition of Robin and has grown over the years with the Original Robin leaving Batman’s side to become Nightwing.

The family now includes Red Hood, Red Robin Damian, Batgirl, Batwoman and   the list goes on and on.

You’ve got to have great villains to make a great hero and of course Batman has the Joker.  A man so devious and without morals that matches wits with Batman.  The joke was recently voted as the top villain in comic books

They are even filming a Joke origin movie to be released soon. I guess my fascination with Batman lies in this.  I lost my father when I was 4 years old and Bruce lost both of his parents when he was a boy. But the values he was taught by his parents made him not only want revenge but those teachings gave him a desire to stand up for what is right.

I know that I wasn’t the only kid who looked up to Batman for his courage to do what is right. And today on Bob Kanes’s birthday I just wanted to say thanks for the countless hours of entertainment  from ready comic books( which I still do today) to the animated and live action T.V. shows and the movies too.

If I had won the one point 6 million dollars in the lottery I might not have become a Caped Crusader but I know one thing I would own a BATMOBILE!

Today on the morning show Trick or treat tips for next week.

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