I was a Little Rascal!  Now I am a big Rascal.

Here is a true story from Tuesday.   I went in for my post op exam from my wrist surgery. Things are headlining great but I did have a cast put on.  The Dr was making small talk and said “ I found out that you are a big man” Tell me something I don’t know  so I said “Yes, I am”  The Dr explained that when he was doing the surgery he was surprised at the size of my bones!

Funny thing that isn’t the 1st time I have heard that.

About 25 years ago I need knee surgery.  The 1st time I met with the Dr he walked into the exam room and the 1st words out of his mouth were “my you have big bones”

So the question I have for you is this.  Whenever I discuss my weight issues can I just say?


Today is the Birthday of Spanky McFarland of the Little Rascals.  I cannot express how much that show meant to me.

Spanky was such a cute kid (not unlike myself, but I digress)   Here he is telling the story of Tarzan

I have watched those Little Rascals so much I think I memorized them.   But when I saw it was Spanky’s birthday my 1st memory came about my mom.

My mother worked as an LPN and to get a bump in salary she worked the Graveyard shift for several years.  That meant she would get home about the same time as us kids were getting ready for school.

One day I was ready to go early and not wanting to just stand at the bus stop dreading school, I turned on the TV to watch the Little Rascals.  Some of the neighborhoods came in to watch.  We were rolling on the floor laughing when we saw the school bus roll by without us.

Panic sets in as we run to catch the bus but alas we failed.   Fearing my punishment I walked slowly as I said goodbye to Billy and Barry who were dreading telling their parents they had missed the bus.

I looked at my home to see my mom motion us all over saying “You boys, hop in the car.  You were having such a great time watching The Little Rascals I will drive you to school so you won’t get in trouble”

So Happy Birthday Spanky and thanks for the memories and especially the memory of my Mom

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