I spotted an article in the Deseret news entertainment section that say today is X-MEN DAY.

So today I am proud to say that I am a MUTANT.

It was in September of 1963 Marvel comics published the first X-MEN comic book.  Which is you wanted to buy today would set you back about 90 grand.

If you ready this blog you know I am more of fan on the DC comics than Marvel.  But I must admit I have always been a fan of THE X-MEN.

Think about it when you are a teen and all the changes that happen to your body and hormones raging don’t you feel like a Mutant.

The first time I realized that I needed to start using deodorant, I thought my Mutant power was linked to chemical warfare.

That was the brilliance of the X-Men created by the late Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  They captured the angst we all had when our body’s mutated from being a kid into an adult.

The comic book also tackled many issues about being different.  If there was only one thing I learned from THE X-MEN was tolerance of those around me who might look, or come from a different background than me.

Also I wanted knives to come out of my hands like Wolverine, or laser beams to come from my eyes! Yes the X-Men were KOOL!

There are times when I tell people I read and collect comic books that I get that “Oh, isn’t that nice” look.  Then I tell them about some of the moments that a comic book made me cry.

In the Ultimate X-Men series there was a young man whose mutation was so dangerous that it killed an entire town and that included his family.  Professor X had to make a decision that no one should have to make.  That decision was that this mutant had to die so that he was no longer a danger to those around him.  The young man was so distraught over killing his on family because of his mutation had isolated himself in a cave with provisions.

Enter the X-MEN.  Wolverine because of hi healing powers was asked to make sure this young man would no longer be a danger.  The writes and artist of this comic handled this very delicate subject matter.  Big bad Wolverine showed his humanity by talking with the young man and sharing a meal with him all the while both knew what had to be done.   I won’t spoil the entire story but I will say that even right now thinking about brings a tear to my eye.

It was brilliant story telling.

The X-MEN are KOOL but still not quite as KOOL as BATMAN.

But then again …. Who is?

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