Is it me or is summer getting shorter?  It has nothing to do with “Climate Change” but it just seems to me that this summer has just flown by!


I am just guessing here but maybe it because spring was short too.

We had such a KOOL wet spring that almost felt like we went from winter into summer.

And now here we are on August second and we spent to morning talking about back to school and football.  Man summer is getting shorter.

I will sound like an old man but back in the day we didn’t start school until right before Labor Day weekend.  It was so KOOL to go to school for a couple of days then have a three day weekend. But now we start talking High school Football in just two weeks and school starts right after that.   Summer is getting shorter!

Or could it be I’m getting older?

Either way I don’t like it


Today on the morning show I was joined by Jordan Knutson from Casper Ice Cream.  It is National Ice Cream Sandwich day and the best Ice Cream Sandwich is made right here in Cache Valley.   THE FAT BOY!       This is a really fun interview

Stupid news is all about a Bulldozer and Sweat

Laff lines;