I was born a redneck and now my neck just hurts.  That is why I will be gone for a couple of weeks.  I will be having neck surgery on December 11th to repair some problems there.

So how did that happen?   I don’t know.  A guess would be a lot of sports when I was younger, a couple of wrecks and just getting older.

This will be my 3rd surgery since September and if you want add a wisdom tooth extraction, it has been an interesting fall of 2019.  But that is nothing compared to the year 2000 when a very serious illness led to 11 surgeries in in 18 months.

I am fine, just have been slammed in life just like many of you.  I tell you this because over the years I have become friends with so many of you.  Some friends I only know phone or on Facebook, but I still am humbled to call so many people friends.

I hope to be back soon after Christmas. So this is my opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!   If you don’t celebrate Christmas like I do please take my greeting as wishing you only the best not only during the holidays but year round.


HAVE A KOOL YULE!!!!!!!!!!