I am a criminal, most of us are!  I think we have all done things we shouldn’t have but I do strive to be an honest person and obey the law.  

I did some really dumb things as a kid.  I let some friends talk me into some vandalism and I was caught and Mom had to pay for damage.  To this day I feel bad for that.

I have even shop lifted, once as a stupid kid of about 8, I stole some candy and felt so bad that a week later went back to the store and paid for it.

Some friends and I were caught swimming in a lake that had a no trespassing sign.  We even had to ride in the back of the police car.

My mother told me years later that the cop was trying not to laugh at me while I was in the seat I started crying and saying “THIS WILL GO ON MY PERMANENT RECORD”

I even was investigated about drug use.  ME a drug user, I don’t think so” The officer who told me about it said it all stemmed from one of my best friends going undercover and because his department didn’t know they also investigate me.    They quickly found out I had nothing to do with it.

While working in Blackfoot Idaho the county sheriff come to the station for an interview.   The Sherriff asked who owned a certain car in the parking lot.  IT WAS MINE!  The Sherriff told me that the biggest drug dealer in the county drove a car just like mine.     I think I sold that car.

But am I perfect YES!……. That is a lie but I do try not the break the law. 


Over 150,000 people took an online poll about small crimes everyone commits.  And the stats are interesting.  How many of these crimes have YOU committed?

  1. Have you ever jaywalked?  90% of people said they have.  (I have done it several times, but since I have bad knees and feet and don’t walk as much jaywalking isn’t a problem)
  2. Have you ever rolled through a stop sign?  51% said yes.   (I think that number should be higher, I have wondered if I have stopped sometimes)

Last Saturday I was in Providence and blew through a stop sign, I didn’t see it because at tree was blocking the sign.  Yes officer that is the truth

  1. Do you ever speed?  Only 67% said yes. GIVE ME A BREAK! Drive the speed limit on I-15 and count the cars that think they are NASCAR drivers. 

I really try not to speed but I admit that I have and do.   I have only had one speeding ticket in my life and that came in Southern Utah near Moab when I got a ticket while coming down a steep Mt grade.

  1. Have you ever used someone else’s WiFi without their permission?  Like if it wasn’t password protected?  35% of us have done it.  (I can proudly say I have not, because I wouldn’t know if I had or not)
  2. Have you pirated music, or illegally downloaded a movie?  78% said yes.  Also, 18% said they’ve used someone else’s Netflix account without their knowledge.

I have never done that either.  Not KOOL to do

  1. Have you ever done a “double feature,” where you pay for a movie at the theater, then stay and sneak into a second one?  22% of us have done it. (Nope, wouldn’t do that.  I would take a 2nd bucket of popcorn0
  2. Did you ever drink underage?  72% said yes.

I have never had the desire to drink.

  1. Have you ever been paid under the table?  41% said they have. To be honest, I probably have.   I can’t think of any one time but I am trying to be honest here. I don’t do it now
  2. Have you ever asked for a water cup at a fast food place, then filled it with soda?  33% of us admit to doing it.

Nope wouldn’t do it.  But I have gotten a soda and tasted it and poured it out and got something different.

There are certain lines we should not cross.  I see and hear people who complain about this law or that law and how unfair it is.  Does that mean we have to keep that law?


Remember this if you know you are breaking the law be prepared to get caught Take your punishment.

Breaking the law is like gambling.  If you are not prepared to lose don’t play the game and if you play the game and lose that is your fault.

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