As the weekend gets closer you start trying to plan things you might be able to do.  Some weekends you don’t have anything to do so you plan on doing nothing.


I have three events happening this weekend

Final four in college basketball, it is one of the great sports events of the year.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has its General Conference this weekend and being a member of the faith I know I need to watch that.  (I do admit that I struggle staying awake and joking refer to Conference as my Nap Weekend!)

WrestleMania Weekend.   Oh boy, Oh Boy.

I love WrestleMania Weekend each year.  As a lifelong fan I will admit that some of the matches worry me like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.  The two goofs from SNL against Braun Stroman (a huge man) has potential to be as bad as the Tag Team championship from last year when Stroman won the Championship with a 10 year old boy.  Don’t get me started on that.

But the main event of the night will be history making and could be something to see.  The main event for the first time ever will feature a women’s Triple Threat Match.  Between The Man, Becky Lynch, The Queen (and Smack down live women’s champion) Charlotte Flair and The Badest woman on the Planet Rowdy Rhonda Rousey.

My only complaint is the length of the show.  They will have 17 matches — 17 the show will go on forever and I am worried that when the main event comes up the crowd and myself will be exhausted.

I guess that is why we have snacks!!!!

So my weekend will be jammed packed.  But it will be jammed pack in front of a TV screen or Computer Screen.

One more WrestleMania thought.   Three years ago I had to watch Mania on a tablet in bed.  Why, I had just had a knee replacement and had some complications where my 3 day stay in the Hospital turned into a 2 ½ week stay.

I hope this weekend goes a lot better than that one

Today we were joined by Ajay Salvason from the Fan to take the Final Four and Mania

Those were the days

Stupid news: Sober doesn’t mean what it used to.  Naked Police and Smart underwear.

Laff Lines:   Flying