Father Time waits for no one.  We are getting older and we can’t do about.  But when we think of our favorite Rock and Roll stars we think of them as forever young, prancing around the state in tight jeans and jumping and spinning.

But Father Time is there again.  This past July 5th at the Cruise in I was singing along with Mike Reno of Loverboy and as the song “Turn me lose” ended Mike tried to turn back the clock and jump to add emphasis to the final notes of the song.    But Mike had to obey the law and he didn’t get more than 2 inches of air in his jump.     What law was he obeying?   THE LAW OF GRAVITY!

Our Rock stars are getting older   ThisWeek.com posted a list of aging rock stars, the include

Bob Dylan, 78    Paul McCartney, 77 Paul Simon, 77

Art Garfunkel, 77    Carole King, 77 Brian Wilson, 77

Mick Jagger, 76, and Keith Richards, 75, of the Rolling Stones

Jimmy Page, 75, and Robert Plant, 71, of Led Zeppelin

Ray Davies, 75  Roger Adultery, 75, and Pete Townshend, 74, of the Who

Rod Stewart, 74 Eric Clapton, 74 Debbie Harry, 74

Neil Young, 73  Van Morrison, 74.   Elton John, 72

Don Henley, 72  James Taylor, 71     Jackson Browne, 70

Billy Joel, 70      Bruce Springsteen, 69, but he’s turning 70 this month.

Some other old musicians that you could put on this list include:

Tony Bennett, 93     Loretta Lynn, 87

Little Richard, 86    Willie Nelson, 86

Frankie Valli, 85             Kris Kristofferson, 83

Jerry Lee Lewis, 83

When the pass on we who loved the music will morn, we will play the music and remember them as they were when we were a lot young and could jump and get more than an inch off the ground.

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