At one time of my life I was a thin good looking young man with a full head of hair.   OK, I was never thin.  But I was thinner, somewhat.  My hair has become gray and I am still good looking.  Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahah

As much as we try you can’t stop getting older.  That is what we do.  All the creams, lotions, pills, dyes, and plastic surgery doesn’t keep Father Time from taking its toll.

Just this morning in our stupid news we had a story of a man in the Netherlands who is 69 years old and he is going to court.  TO CHANGE HIS AGE!  He says that he identifies with being 49 years old.   Another reason he wants to legally change his age is so he can meet more women through Tender.

Hey Bubba no matter what you do your body is still 69 and you are becoming a vain old coot.  Is that too harsh. Ok you are becoming a vain old idiot.  Ahh I feel better now.

As we age some simple things are not so simple anymore.  Age didn’t creep up on me, Age came up to me face to face and laughed in my face.

Two things happened to me that made me age quickly.

In the year 2000 I had dark hair and beard but I became very ill.  I spent so much time at the Dr’s office and in and out of the hospital and the stress of that illness turned my hair quickly.

Just a few years ago another thing happened to age me quickly.  I broke my foot.  That doesn’t sound so bad now does it?  But that broken foot led to other things.  I had a screw put into my foot and when I finally got out of the walking boot the extra stress on my opposite knee had caused enough damage that I needed a knee replacement.  A 3 day hospital stay became 2 and a half weeks.  Today I can walk, but I am not what I used to be.   But then again who is!

Here are the top ten simple tasks that get a lot harder as you age . . .

  1. Picking things up off the floor. (The floor needs to be a lot closer)
  2. Opening jars or packaging. (Not a problem …….YET)
  3. Getting up and down the stairs. (I hate stairs, but I always have.  In college I once fell down the same flight of stairs 3 times in a 24 hour period)
  4. Household chores. (What, I have chores)
  5. Getting in and out of the bathtub. (Shower time)
  6. Standing up out of a chair. (Major for me, I need most chairs to be just a little higher)
  7. Walking long distances.  (Bad feet, bad knee’s0
  8. Using modern technology. (Dag gum fancy computers anyway)
  9. Putting your shoes on, and taking them off. (Yep)
  10. Driving. (Not a problem….. yet.  I am a great driver…..  At least I am a good driver… well above average. Only one ticket in my life!

So as you can see we get older some age gracefully, some …..  Not so much.


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