I am becoming a HALLOWEENIE!

Let me explain, I grew up in Memphis at a time that people were mean.  Trick or treating became dangerous, there were idiots  who would  lace candy with drugs, and a friend of mine got an apple with pins in it.  Add to that , I don’t like scary movies and instead of saying “Happy Halloween” I would say “BOO HUMBUG”  I was a Halloween Scrooge.

My change in atidude began just a few years ago, when we here at KOOL 103.9 began toying with the idea of becoming Ghoul 103.9. ( it was actually my idea)  I was assigned the task of putting together a Halloween trick or treat program that included spooky and fun Halloween songs.  As I worked putting the show together by Grinch like heart grew into a giant Candy Corn for Halloween.  I started to see the fun side of Halloween.

I put together mash- ups of songs, put together sound clips and found stand up comedy about Halloween and yes now I enjoy Halloween.   I wouldn’t say it is my favorite holiday but I am coming around.  Who knows maybe some year I will even go Trick or Treating again.

Come on be a HALLOWEENIE with us and  listen Halloween afternoon as KOOL become GHOUL 1039.  5 hours of Halloween fun.  Starting at 4pm


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