I moved to Utah during the Stockton to Malone era of Jazz Basketball.  But I was a Jazz fan before that just not as vocal.

When I 1st started my radio days one of my jobs was to be the engineer for basketball games for Idaho State.  The station was an affiliate and I was needed to place our local commercials over the regular broadcast.  It was during that time that Idaho State played Gonzaga.  The halftime show included an interview with a scout of the Utah Jazz.   I could listen to what they were saying during the commercial break and one of the ISU commentators asked the scout if he was there to scout a hot shot guard for the Bengals.  His answer was an honest “NO”  “I am here to look at this Stockton kid” The I.S.U. player was drafted and played for the Lakers for a few season but that Stockton kid became the NBA all-time assist leader and the Combo Stockton to Malone will be a long time memory in the NBA.

The two title runs were cut just short by the greatest player to ever lace them up in Michael Jordan.  (He did push off)

My 1st memory of MJ was when he was in college and I watched him play and you could see he was something special.    (He did push off)

My interest for the Jazz has wavered a bit in the past but as with most fair weather fans.  I’M BACK!

The Jazz home opener is tonight against the Golden State Warriors.  But can the Jazz season improve over last year.  You bet they can!

Can they make a run at the title?  That is a tough one now that Laron is in L.A. and Steph is back with Golden State.  And will the Refs let James or Curry push off like M.J. did



Today on the morning show: Late night eats.  When are we Middle Aged?

Stupid news:  Chill, Kleenex and oh thank heaven

Laff lines Dogs in a bag

I end today with one of the greatest lines ever uttered in a broadcast .  No it isn’t Hot Rod saying” Horney From the Corner”

It comes from Ron Boone who I heard say on a broadcast

“It is important to be ahead at this point of the ballgame”