Do you get enough sleep?  YOU DON’T!  Do you need more sleep?  YOU DO!  Well I think I do to.

So here it is Thursday morning and you say to yourself “I can’t wait until I can sleep in this weekend.”  Then reality hits you in the face.  IT’S TIME CHANGE WEEKEND AND WE LOSE AN HOUR’S SLEEP!

Ah Daylight savings time when we get one extra hour of sunshine each evening to enjoy with our friends and family and did I mention losing an hour of sleep!

I am like a growing number of people who wish they would just pic one or the other and stick with it!  I don’t car which just pick one!

My body adjust to the Spring ahead easier that Fall back.   I guess I will just stop whining.

As I was getting ready for this morning I came across a survey about sleep that used the term “CHORNIOCALLY UNDERSLEPT”  Maybe this is new P.C. term instead of *&^% I am tired”   I have never hear the term Chronically Underslept but I like it!  It has a classy sound Chronically Underslept, see what I mean.

So why are we Chronically Underslept?  Our jobs.  Here are some of the findings of the survey.

44% of working Americans are “chronically underslept” because of their job.  Only 13% say they NEVER miss out on sleep because of work.  I guarantee NONE of those people work in radio.

Younger workers are more likely to be underslept than anyone.  57% of 18 to 34-year-olds said they lose sleep because of work.  That’s compared to 45% of people between 35 and 54, and just 29% of workers older than that.

The top five work-related REASONS we miss out on sleep are:  Working too many hours . . . obsessing over a work-related issue . . . problems with a co-worker . . . worrying you might get fired . . . and having a nightmare of a boss.

So as we get ready for Daylight Savings time this weekend as you take a big yawn and someone says “You must be tired” you can proudly proclaim.  ‘NO, I AM CHRONICALLY UNDERSLEPT” 


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