Can you really eat a hamburger wrong?    There are those out there that say yes.   Really?

There’s a tweet that’s going viral right now from Business Insider’s food website, Food Insider.

They say we’ve been eating burgers WRONG for our whole lives . . . and we’re supposed to eat them UPSIDE-DOWN.  SAY WHAT?????

The theory is that the top bun is bigger than the bottom bun, so it’ll do a better job absorbing all the juices and condiments, and keeping everything together . . . so your burger won’t be as likely to fall apart or drip as you eat it.

I never thought in a million years that I Dave Denton with a body made of Hamburgers (and bacon) have been eating my burgers wrong!

I am not a gourmet but I have been eating food all my life but to tell someone they are eating wrong.   Well chewing with your mouth open is WRONG!

I have been told that I should never put ketchup on a steak!   Why?  It is my steak and I think steak sauce is disgusting.   Now before you sick Gordon Ramsey on me I always try steak without any sauce first and most of the time no ketchup but honestly if a chef is offended by me putting ketchup on the steak I paid for, he can give me my money back and I will eat it the way he thinks is best,   IF HE PAYS.

I hear people say that the best hamburger has a little pink in the middle.   I used to think that too and for most places I still do.  However a few months ago at a restaurant my wife and I go to a lot a waitress suggested we try the burger with a char and as she said squished.  OK?   Dang that is the way to eat a burger at this particular restaurant.  The flavor is unreal and add bacon YUM!

I have seen people who do not like getting things on their hands eat BBQ ribs with a knife and a fork.  Not me but more power to them.

Some people put milk on the cereal and wait for it to get soggy.   I prefer crunchy cereal except for Captain Crunch which to me is better soggy.  LOL

I even know a guy who loves shrimp but he prefers not to peel them!   Yep tail and all popped right in the mouth.

When I was in Louisiana I developed a love of boiled crawfish.  At one dinner at my boss’s house we had a huge Crawfish boil and I was digging in while my boss was right next to me.  He was a true Cajun and after tearing the tail off and pinching the end to get the meat, he would take his thumb and insert it into the crawfish then pull it out with what I presume was fat and body juices insert his thumb in his mouth and eat it.  I told my boss” Louis, please don’t fire me, but you are making me sick”

My point is eat your food the way you want.  Don’t be gross about it and try to use table manners, we are a civilized people……well you are anyway.

Pass the Ketchup!

No wait pass the Mayochup!

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