When it comes to my health nothing is simple.

Almost 20 years ago it was complications from Kidney stones.  3 years ago a Knee replacement was supposed to have a 3 day hos


One month ago I started feeling a little sick. OK, I can handle a little sick.  I left the station early on Friday and Saturday I was at Insta-care.  Flu like symptoms I was told and I was given meds and sent on my way.

A few days later just when I started to feel better KABLAMO. I was even sicker, all the flu like symptoms I had seemed to triple, along with headaches and fatigue.

But as they say on the late night TV commercials “WAIT THERE IS MORE) a sinus and gland infection.  Back to the Insta-care – meds -nose spray and those disgusting sinus washes.  Nothing, I was getting worse. On top of that my mouth and glands were so sore it was hard to talk.

I couldn’t even cheer during the Super bowl, I know that is a good thing since it was so boring I slept through the 1st half.  Just in time for the half time show— NOPE- I went on the WWE network to watch Halftime Heat which far more entertaining that the Super bowl halftime show.

This time I went to my regular Dr.  Who saw things the other Dr’s didn’t see.   So I think I am back on the mend—I hope?  You know with me there is always “BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE”.


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